Meet Leron McAdoo

Leron Charles McAdoo, aka Ron Mc The HipHoptimist, is a nationally recognized spoken word poet, sought out personality, exhibiting professional artist, motivational speaker, actor, author, community organizer, and seasoned educator.

In addition to being an instructor in the Little Rock School District since 1994 and activist, he is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Inc. and the co-founder of Backyard Enterprises from 1992.  He has participated in numerous programs and events that deal with the issue of race relations and urban needs, some of which include the Healing Racism Institute, Too Cool 4 School, and the Kuumba Summer Art Academy. He continues to organize events to inform and educate the public on relevant community issues.

As a Hip Hop advocate and supporter, McAdoo uses the culture of Hip Hop as a vehicle to educate both young and old in the fields of music, writing, and art.  This can be seen through his annual independently released albums, his many articles for various publications (The Writeous, Fusion, Little Rock Free Press, ML Community Magazine, The Dirty Magazine, and, and his books (Hip Hop Unheard: Lyrics For The Listening Eye, Sly The Hip Hop Hero, The HipHoptimist, and Poems In Foreign Tongues).  He is a founding member of the nationally award winning spoken word troupe called Foreign Tongues. Additionally, his portraits, t-shirt designs, murals, comic books and commissioned artwork show his dedication to aesthetics.

Ron Mc has been a radio dj (for 88.3, 98.9, and Power 92.3), co-hosted Art & Literature In Motion TV Show, created and hosted The Mind Blazin’ TV Show, engineered for the radio documentary “On The Line: Stories From Ninth Street,” produced radio programs (such as The Writeous Hour, Hope From The Hill, and The Skinny), facilitated educational workshops, and volunteered with several organizations such as The Women’s Project. Leron McAdoo is a creative, educator, and entrepreneur.

Leron McAdoo For Little Rock City Board Position 9


Youth Advocacy 

  • Facilitate efforts that strive toward a world class public education that’s  student centered.
  • Foster economic and artistic opportunities for young people through training and employment.

Art And Culture

  • Promote creative endeavors that highlight and showcase the artistry of the city.
  • Pursue efforts that strengthen, patronize, and inform the creative community.

Public Safety 

  • Foster healthy and positive policing that build relationships between the legal system and the community.
  • Support reentry and second chance initiatives that offer access to a livable future.

Quality of Life

  • Maintain beautification and access to local parks, biking lanes, and hiking trails.
  • Reinforce the existing guidelines on dumping, abandoned buildings, and weeded lots.